Q: Is VELYM whitening action dental cream safe?

Yes. Thanks to ingredients of Biolycon whitening action is natural and VELYM dental cream has been tested and credited as non abrasive. VELYM dental cream is safe to use, been recommended by dental care professionals and VELYM Mineral is recommended for the whole family. BIOLYCON, is a compound of Cetraria Islandica Extract and Echinacea Angustifolia Root Extract, in synergic proportion. For achieving an effective and safe whitening action, the most important thing is to reach a good balance between these two active principles. This is why we first mix separately the two ingredients, preparing the BIOLYCON active, and then add it to the toothpaste. So we are sure that the proportion in maintained and so the effectiveness in whitening. It is NOT used in Velym mineral.

Q: Can you explain the whitening process of VELYM?

Whitening effects are given by a mechanical action of the micronized silica, that have a very small diameter that performs very delicate and effective abrasion, together with the Biolycon whitening effects.

Q: Is it safe to use on dentures or dental work?

Yes, VELYM Dental Cream is safe to use on any dental restorations, veneers, crowns, dentures, white fillings, braces and implants. 

Q: When will I start to get results?

Results you can see in about 2 weeks by using dental cream every day, but because ingredients are very natural better results you will achieve after some time using it. Please keep in mind that whitening dental cream is not a professional whitening treatment prescribed by dental professionals. VELYM dental cream is equivalent to whitening dental toothpaste and can whiten your teeth to the natural color of your teeth.

Q: What if I experience sensitivity and gum discomfort?

You should not experience any sensitivity from VELYM products, especially VELYM Mineral is recommended for people with teeth sensitivity, thanks to Hydroxeapatite what protects and reduces sensitivity. If you experience any teeth sensitivity, you need to stop using the dental cream and visit your dentist in case you could have some dental problems.

Q: What makes VELYM products unique?

BIOLYCON is the exclusive VELYM whitening active principle that is composed by synergic mixture of Usnic Acid & Echinacina B. Usnic Acid, extracted from Iceland lichen, featuring specific antibacterial properties to fight plaque. Echinacina B - extracted from Echinacea roots, used over the countries in the treatment of injuries and infections. Echinacea is also utilised due to its special anti-inflammatory properties.

Q: Why all products packed in old fashion aluminium tubes?

The aluminum tubes are totally nonporous, so they are the best container in order to maintain the toothpaste unaltered in its original conditions.

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