Velym Mineral Mouth Wash

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  • Velym Mineral Mouth Wash is a complex multi-functional oral care product.
  • Contains calcium hydroxyapatite, which strengthens and repairs teeth enamel and whitens the teeth.
  • Suitable for hypersensitive teeth and gums.
  • No parabens, no SLS, no flourides.

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VELYM Mineral Mouthwash is ideal for daily oral hygiene. It is formulated with calcium hydroxyapatite which can not only make the teeth enamel stronger, but also helps to repair the microscopic defects in the enamel and protects from plaque and caries. The extract of rosa canina and hyaluronic acid aid the oral cavity tissue regeneration process whilst aloe and pineapple extracts ensure the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of VELYM Mineral Mouthwash.