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People are very happy using VELYM!

No any other toothpaste like VELYM!

I am using this toothpaste for years and have tried many others in the mean time. No any other toothpaste leaves that fresh and clean teeth feeling. I like the whitening action a lot!

- T. Mclaughlin

Natural toothpaste for the whole family!

My family uses Velym Mineral and we are very happy about the ingredients and more natural protection for our teeth. I found this toothpaste incredibly addictive. Would recommend to others to try!

- B.Cook

Great whitening toothpaste!

Velym Neutral pH is great whitening toothpaste. I like the taste and clean feeling after I brush my teeth. My teeth looks much whiter and cleaner then ever before.

- K.Paterson

Good for smokers!

I am a heavy smoker and Velym keeps my teeth cleaner and whiter for longer than any other toothpaste before. I like this toothpaste!

-S. Klein

Great Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Since I am using Velym Mineral I have no sensitivity, my teeth stay white and feels fresh all day long. Highly recommend this dental cream.

- J. Sullivan

High Quality Products

I have tried all of the products available from this brand and I can't be more happier with any other. I alternate them, but continuously using it and recommend to others.

- N. Langley

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