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Lycon Laboratories have been formulating exceptional quality dental care products in Italy for over forty years, whilst combining abundant gifts from nature and the achievements of modern science. The secret of dental hygiene products success lies in the use of natural Plant Extracts and Minerals, Thermal Water, tissue sparing active ingredients and Taro Extract, which is natural source of fluorine. 

Exclusive products that have been formulated by the founder of the company Biologist Dr. Ercole Lodola and thoroughly tested by the University of Pavia, have been granting the customers the highest satisfaction for forty years. VELYM products are innovative, high quality designed products to meet the consumer’s everyday dental needs.

VELYM products are effectively Free of Sodium Laurel Sulfates and Parabens, making them suitable for the whole family.


BIOLYCON, is a compound of Cetraria Islandica Extract and Echinacea Angustifolia Root Extract, in synergic proportion. For achieving an effective and safe whitening action, the most important thing is to reach a good balance between these two active principles.

Neutral pH

Velym neutral pH is calibrated in order to perform a buffering action on mouth pH: it neutralizes the excessive acidity of the oral cave, thanks to its high pH. The mouth's pH is very important in helping teeth defend themselves against attacks by microorganisms. 

Plaque and Cavity Prevention

Bacterial plaque is the main cause of the onset of cavities, tartar, gum disease and loss of brightness of the enamel of the teeth. Thanks to it's active ingredients Biolycon and Floururi, regular use of Velym  helps remove bacterial plaque and eliminate the health problems that are associated with it.

Non-Abrasive Whitening Action

The whitening action is the result of highly micronized raw materials that smooth cleans the enamel of the teeth without harming it. Regular use of VELYM (also thanks to BIOLYCON) ensures a deep cleaning of the teeth which in a very short time will allow you to pleasantly discover your teeth's natural splendor, even eliminating food and tobaco stains.

No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

SLS is a widely used and inexpensive chemical detergent used in many personal hygiene products as well as in car wash shampoos which can cause skin irritation, ulceration in your mouth. There are some findings that link the ingredient to a hormone imbalance, can increase symptoms such as PMS and PMT, and menopausal symptoms as well. In children, SLS has been linked to eye irritation and poor eye development. There are many products labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ that still contain sulfates.

No Parabens

Parabens are used in toothpastes (among other skincare products) as a preservative, and they’re thought to effect the endocrine system, disrupt hormones, and are even linked to cancer; carcinogenicity and estrogenic effects being expressed over the continued use of parabens as preservatives. Multiple studies conducted from 2005 have found that parabens grown on human breast cancer cells in laboratories bind to estrogen receptors. The chemicals have shown similar results in laboratory and animal studies.

No Peroxide

The Non-Abrasive Whitening Action is achieved with VELYM Dental Cream with natural ingredients and does not include peroxide.

Gluten free

Velym Mineral is Gluten Free dental cream and it's suitable for those who can't tolerate gluten. 

Nickel tested

Metals used in dentistry are known to cause contact dermatitis in the mouth. Our products doesn't include mercury or nickel.  

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